Andrew Grigorev

Senior Python / Go Developer

Address:Moscow, Russian Federation
Network services, Web, CI/CD, GIS, Cryptography
Tornado, Asyncio, SQLAlchemy, Django, Flask
Elasticsearch, PostgreSQL, PostGIS, MySQL
Nginx, Docker, AWS, Gitlab CI
Gin, Echo, Rest-Layer, Squirrel
Linux Administration, Ansible, Bash, Git

Experience (10 years in total)

Edadeal (1 year 10 months, current)

Lead the back-end development team. REST API and utilities in Python and Go. In-house analytic system using map-reduce and Elasticsearch. Production infrastructure and services management via Gitlab CI and Ansible.

Progress National Development Bureau (11 months)

Working on the largest Russian government project of 2015 (system similar to the Toll Collect in Germany). GIS services and utilities in Python. Network services using asynchronous frameworks. Cryptographic protocols to communicate with vehicle on-board devices. RabbitMQ and AMQP. Demo-stand infrastructure and services management via Gitlab CI and Ansible.

Yandex (2 years 7 months)

Web services development. Development of common Python infrastructure in the company (common libraries and packaging). Distributed LXC administration service. Administration and support of internal Github Enterprise service.

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Chelyabinsk State University

Specialist, Computer Security, 2005 - 2011.

Online Courses

Cryptography, Machine Learning, Game Theory

About me

Participate in CTF computer security competitions. Participated in ACM ICPC.
Google Summer Of Code - Samba (2009), (2010).
Love Chinese tea. Play the flute, saxophone and piano.